Shipchandler Turkey

Shipchandler Turkey Shipchandler, which can translate as a grocery store, is a sector providing services to meet all the procurement materials required by the international merchant ships during the cruise. Due to the important position of our country in th[...]

Ship Supply Turkey Service

Ship Supply Turkey Service The unique geographical location of our country on world sea routes causes the commercial vessels, which are expressed in hundreds of thousands, to make use of our land waters in some way. At the same time, the Ports and Port servic[...]

Ship Repair Turkey Service

Ship Repair Turkey Service Turkey as geography, both on highways and trade routes as well as having a critical role in maritime trade routes. This situation causes the ship to reach hundreds of thousands of land and use its ports. Especially for commercial sh[...]

Marine Supply Turkey Services

Turkey is one of the world's most important port center. Our country, which is at a very central point of the world trade routes, is also a very important junction point about sea routes. This particular location provides the qualified port services and se[...]

Ship Supply Turkey

Transportation is carried out by the sea in the 21st century. Due to the fact that it provides both functional, economic and rapid solutions in the crops to be transported, sea transportation is selected quite frequently and frequently. Maritime transport serv[...]